Caregiver Meet & Greet

 Caregiver Meet & Greet

May 25th, 2017 ~ 4:00-6:00 pm

North Coast Coffee, Washburn

Respite Care


Meet and greet. Learn about funding sources. Assistance available to sign up for the Lifespan Respite Registry with Lisa Schneider, Respite Care Association of Wisconsin, for both those who need respite care or other care services, and for those who can provide respite care or other care services. Call 715-292-4145 or email for more information. Facilitated by Deanna Yost. Free event! Registration not necessary.

Coffee and snacks provided by North Coast Coffee, 509 West Bayfield Street, Washburn, WI.

Sponsored by the Bayfield County Aging and Disability Resource Center of the North; the Lifespan Respite Care
Northern Network through New Horizons North; the Respite Care Association of Wisconsin; the Management Group (TMG), an IRIS Consultant Agency.


The difficulty of finding and retaining workforce for home and community care has increased. Want ads posted in publications or on search sites may go without responses for weeks, or months.

While not a solution, one small step in the right direction is to connect caregivers with each other—in person and on-line. That’s the goal of a “Caregiver Meet & Greet” event to be held on May 25th, 4:00-6:00 pm hosted at North Coast Coffee in Washburn. The event will bring together family caregivers who need respite or other help with individual and agency providers. Invited also are people who are considering work as paid caregivers. Participants will also learn about various long-term care options and funding sources, and see a demo of a care Registry for both family caregivers looking for help or those who can provide help.

Lisa Schneider, Executive Director of the Respite Care Association of Wisconsin will illustrate a state-wide online Registry to connect family caregivers with paid caregivers at a May 25th “Caregiver Meet & Greet” at North Coast Coffee in Washburn.

Lisa Schneider, Executive Director with the Respite Care Association of Wisconsin (RCAW) will illustrate the state-wide Registry. The Registry connects people with people and is securely managed by the RCAW, which is funded through the Wisconsin Department of Health Services (DHS). There is no cost to register for this on-line service.

When the statewide Lifespan Respite Program began in 2001, main goals included connecting families with funding and connecting families with providers, either individual providers or agencies. While funding resources continue to fluctuate throughout the years one noticeable challenge in the past five years has been finding good “people resources,” especially in the Northern Region. “Respite care is always challenging,” comments Deanna Yost, Co-Coordinator of the 15 county Northern Region covered by Lifespan Respite Care. “Respite care often involves intermittent care versus regularly scheduled care, such as help during vacations, after school or summer help, caregiver illness, or weekends. Many recruited individuals on our original 2001 respite registry are now retired; the current labor force is not enough to replace workers for our increasing population of adults and children with disabilities.”

This labor shortage is now being experienced in all long-term services for home and community care. Counties, ADRCs and long-term care funding sources and non-profits are collaborating to sponsor the “Caregiver Meet & Greet.” Sponsors include: the Bayfield County Aging and Disability Resource Center; the Lifespan Respite Care Northern Network through New Horizons North; The Management Group (TMG), the area’s consultant agencies for IRIS; and the Respite Care Association of Wisconsin.

No registration is necessary for the free event. North Coast Coffee is located at 509 West Bayfield Street (Hwy 13) in Washburn.