4-H Cultural Arts Festival 2018 – Rules & Registration Forms

Cultural Arts Festival 2018 – Rules & Registration Forms

Registrations are due by April 10th.  (Please contact Donna Ganson if you wish to enter an item after this date.)

Any 4-H member may exhibit in the Cultural Arts Festival. He or she need not be enrolled in any specific project.

Non-4-H youth may participate with a 4-H group or individual.




  1. Vocal
  2. Instrumental
  3. Dance


  1. 30 minute time limit
  2. Any live or taped accompaniment is to be provided by the performer. Tape or CD players must be furnished by participants.
  3. Performers must be youth. (Accompanist may be an adult or non-4H member, but the performing group must be made up of youth.)
  4. Vocal and instrumental entries are to provide a copy of their music for the judge.

Music Online Registration Form

Music Printable Registration Form




  1. Original Play
  2. Non-original Play
  3. Dramatic Reading (poetry or prose)
  4. Spoken Word (memorized or spontaneous vocal performance, with or without music)
  5. Puppet Show
  6. Other


  1. Plays may be original or non-original. Clubs are responsible for paying any royalties.
  2. Each play will be allowed up to 30 minutes of stage time, including set up and take down.
  3. Dramatic Reading or Spoken Word – maximum time – 10 minutes.
  4. No hay bales please! Clean up is too difficult.

Drama Online Registration Form

Drama Printable Registration Form (pdf)

Arts & Crafts


  1. Pencil, charcoal or ink drawing 6. Craft item
  2. Chalk, pastel, or crayon 7. Ceramic item
  3. Painting, oil or acrylic 8. Any other
  4. Painting, watercolor 9. Legos (new category 2012)
  5. Sculpture


Project must be from the current 4-H year. It cannot be from past Fairs.

  1. Any 4-Her can enter any type of arts and crafts item that was made by the member – you do not need to be currently enrolled in a specific project
  2. Item may be original or made from a kit
  3. Each entry is required to include a 3×5 card containing the following information:
    • Name, club and grade level of member
    • CategoryKit or original
    • If made in school, at a 4-H project meeting, or on member’s own time

Items made at a 4-H project meeting or on the member’s own time are preferred. School entries are accepted, but must be designated as such on the 3 x 5 card.

Participants are invited to discuss their project with the judge between 10 am and noon.

Arts & Crafts Online Registration Form

Arts & Crafts Printable Registration Form (pdf)



  1. Landscape                             6. Black & White
  2. Nature                                       7.   Enlargement
  3. People                                       8.   Cropped photo/before and after
  4. Animals 9.   Macro photo
  5. Action


  1. All photos must be mounted on one piece of sturdy poster board or matting as follows (these are the same standards used for the fair):
  2. Only one entry per category; one photo per entry
    • 3×5 or 4×6 – on 8 ½” x 5 ½” mat
    • 5×7 – on 8” x 10” mat
    • 8×10 – on 11” x 14” mat
  3. Include a 3 x 5 card with your entry indicating:
    • Name, club and grade level of member
    • Category
    • Type of camera used: digital, film
    • Setting used: manual, automatic

Photography Online  Registration Form

Photography Printable Registration Form (pdf)

Creative Writing


  1. Poetry
  2. Prose


  1. Must be original work of the member. Author should sign and date the work.
  2. Hand written or typed submissions are acceptable. Make sure it is neat and easy to read.

Creative Writing Online Registration Form

Creative Writing Printable Registration Form (pdf)


Short Film – 

There will be four categories that participants may enter:

  • Fiction
  • Non fiction
  • Music video
  • 4H promotion

Films should not be more than 5 minutes and be appropriate for any audience, including small children, to view.

Entries will be judged before the date of Cultural Arts Festival and should be sent electronically to the 4H office by April 15th. Entries will be shown via laptop during the Cultural Arts Festival. Three to four entries will be chosen to be shown in the auditorium if technically possible.

Entries will be judged for the following characteristics:

  • Editing
  • Story
  • Camera work
  • Sound
  • Lighting

Short Film Online Registration Form

Note: The films do not have to be five minutes, if a story can be told in two minutes, that’s not a problem

Short Film Registration Form


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Ian Meeker
4-H Youth Development Educator
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Washburn, WI 54891-9464
Phone: 715-373-6104 Ext 249
Fax: 715-373-6304
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Donna Ganson
4-H Program Faculty Assistant
County Administration Bldg
117 E. 5th Street
Washburn, WI 54891
Phone: 715-373-6104 Ext 250
Fax: 715-373-6103

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